Body Pre-Treatment Advice

Spray Tanning:
For best results, ensure your skin is regularly exfoliated and moisturised in the run up to your tan and follow these guidelines;
– hair removal should be done 48 hours before your tan
– Your final exfoliation pre-tan should be 12 hours before and pay close attention to Elbows, Knees, Ankles & Heels, fake tan is attracted to dry skin!
– The morning of your tan you may shower, but do not apply any body lotion, deodorant or perfume (deodorant and perfume traces may turn slightly green!)
– Please don’t wear foundation or powder the day of your tan (or remove before attending your appointment!)
– Finger and Toenails are best protected if painted with nail varnish. (If you forget Gemma can put a clear coat on for you, just ask!)
– Please bring loose, soft clothing and flip flops for after your tan. Dark colours are preferable but the tan will wash off clothing.
– Gemma will provide you with paper pants or you can wear a bikini or your own pants, whatever you are most comfortable in.
After care guidelines will be given post Tan!
Tanning and waxing can not be performed in the same appointment.